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Summer is in full swing, so people are spending a lot of their time in their backyards, barbecuing and enjoying their outdoor furniture sets. Outdoor decor comes in so many different shapes and sizes as well as different materials. Some are more luxurious, while others are more practical. You can have upholstered sets, plastic sets, […]

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s also the number one remodeling project. People replace cabinetry, flooring and countertops. But the local Salt Lake City movers remind you that lighting is very important in the kitchen. You have to have enough of it so that you can cook comfortably, maybe even have the […]

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The local Salt Lake City movers know that one of the main reasons people move is not necessarily for more living space but for more storage space. And three researchers have set out to study just how much “stuff” Americans have and how it’s the key to our modern life’s stresses. They studied 32 Los […]

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According to the latest news, borrowers who have lost their homes due to improper foreclosure could get up to $125,000 plus any lost equity if there are errors in their case. Only about 194,000 of 4.4 million eligible borrowers have asked to have their foreclosure cases reviewed. This review, the Salt Lake City movers learned, […]

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