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Sure, house prices have dropped but there are still a few cities where people still can’t afford to buy their first home. Even with a great credit, great down payment and great interest rates. The Salt Lake City moving specialists found out that in New York, Boston, Hawaii and San Francisco, Los Angeles working couples […]

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According to the Brooking Institution, 80% of households in the U.S. are not families with children. However, Provo, Utah is the number one city for married couples with children. This group makes up just 27.5% of households. Many neighborhoods in America are now child-free, with hip coffee shops, art galleries, yoga centers and bookshops. Childless […]

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Summer is right around the corner so many people are stressing about spending their weekends doing backbreaking work, mowing their lawns and planting flowers to give it that curb appeal. But experts say that you can let the grass grow a little longer to actually make it healthier. The Salt Lake City movers learned that […]

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Thanks to a large inventory of homes nationwide and lower-priced homes, many these days are opting to purchase a house versus continuing on the renting bandwagon. But the All My Sons of Salt Lake City movers remind you that buying a house is a tad more complicated than just finding the perfect, white-picketed fenced, two-door […]

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