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Thanks to the website, the Layton moving specialists are able to share with you a little piece of Layton history. The city of Layton started in 1850 as an agricultural extension to the settlement that became Kaysville. The first settlers established farms along Kays Creek. Eventually people started living along Holmes Creek, Haight’s Creek […]

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Even in this tough economy, Salt Lake City is still doing a little bit better than many other places around the country. The local Salt Lake City movers learnt that Forbes Magazine recently ranked Utah as the best state for business and careers for the second year. So it’s in better economic shape than other […]

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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love you share with another. For some of us, love may change for the worse. After all, experience has taught us that it is so very easy to fall out of love. Wilbur and Theresa Faiss are the exception or the “living legend” as some people may […]

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According to MSN, more than a third of Americans lease their homes from either a private landlord or an apartment company. Average rent these days is about $1000 equaling to a $460 billion a year business. There are laws that protect tenants, however they are not easy to understand and tenants don’t always know about […]

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The Park City local movers just learnt that the average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage fell just recently to a record low. It just dropped to 3.87 percent and the average on the 15-year fixed fell to 3.14. Even though these low rates have been around that 4 percent for months, people are still […]

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