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Who Do You Blame for Housing Crisis?

The Salt Lake City moving specialists know the housing crisis is something that has affected everyone nationwide. Some states are hit harder than others such as Florida and Nevada. Even if you’re personally not directly affected by it, such facing a foreclosure, you know someone who has or are living in a neighborhood that’s been touched somehow. Even the high unemployment rate plays a part in the housing crisis America has been facing.

A little numbers….

The New York Times/CBS News poll, the largest number of Americans blame lenders and regulators for the home-mortgage crisis. 42% of Americans blame lenders, which is up from the 28% that was stated three years ago. 29% blame regulators and only 12% blame borrowers. 14% of Americans blame all three. 53% of respondents said the government should help people who are having trouble with paying their mortgages and 40% said they shouldn’t. 45% of people said the government should do more to help the housing market. 55% of people responding to this New York Times/CBS News poll said owing a home is still a very important part of the American dream. 58% said lenders should now require a 20% down payment for home mortgages, while 36% said no.

The Salt Lake City local movers asks how do you feel about the housing situation? How has it affected you and your family?

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