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Unpacking and Settling into Your New Salt Lake City Home

Now that you have completed your move to Salt Lake City and are officially living in your new home, the hard part is over! Now that it’s time to unpack, All My Sons Salt Lake City movers want to help you get settled into your new home with no stress. Moving to Salt Lake City can seem overwhelming, however we have the best tips for how you can unpack your belongings in an efficient manner for you to start enjoying your home.

Inventory List of all Boxes

During the packing process, you should’ve kept an inventory list of all your boxes and made note of the most important ones. Grab this list and now that you made the move into your new home, you should first unpack the necessary items that you will need to keep your house up and running. These boxes contain the essential items that you and your family will need during the first few nights. All boxes should be labeled to make your life a lot easier.

One Room at a Time

Once you have tackled the crucial boxes, it’s time to unpack items for your kitchen. Start to organize your appliances and your kitchen will be ready for full use. Our Salt Lake City movers suggest that you unpack one room at a time for the most efficient process. You can easily become overwhelmed with packing supplies spread across your house with no organization in place. Take it one room at a time and one box at a time. Your bathrooms and bedrooms should proceed your kitchen. Trust us – you’ll be relieved when these rooms are finished.


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