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Sell Your Home Quickly With Local Friends

We at All My Sons in Salt Lake City have seen quite a few open houses in our day – enough so that we can provide a few tips on how to host a successful open house of your own! If you’re looking to keep the cut of profit that would have gone to a realtor, here is our number one tip for hosting an effective, professional open house without relying on gimmicks.

Invite the Neighbors

Having your neighbors attend your open house accomplishes multiple goals. First, it allows potential buyers to meet the locals and get a sense of the community, which often increases the buyer’s interest. Secondly, potential buyers are able to see what the home looks like with more people in a more positive atmosphere than a solo guided tour. This atmosphere often drives up the interest of potential buyers as well. Finally, you can use your neighbors as if they are your scouts. At the very least, they’ll be able to gauge the interest level of the potential buyers that they met.

So Your Open House Was a Success: Now What?

Relying on your neighbors to help you sell your home will allow your community to remain as strong as possible, so they are likely to be as helpful as they can be. If you put on a great show for your potential buyers, they may want to move in post haste – don’t delay the process, let the fastest Salt Lake City movers do the heavy lifting for you!

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