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Salt Lake City Public Library Makes a Positive Change

The tides are changing for the better at the Salt Lake City Public Library. From employee uprising to now being ranked as one of the best places to work by WorkplaceDynamics, the Salt Lake City Public Library is making a three-sixty turnaround.

If you are moving to Salt Lake City, you may not be aware of the events that occurred at the city’s library back in 2011. Salt Lake City’s Public Library employees were both rebellious and demoralized, which lead to an unpleasant working environment.

Luckily, the change in library directors created a positive change. Today, several employees who participated in a recent survey agree that the library is running much better than it was in 2011. The library is now run through the utilization of dialogue with employees, rather than micromanagement and brute force, allowing employees to find joy in their work and have their needs and concerns addressed.

With a warmer environment, residents of Salt Lake City should expect to find their public library more welcoming and positive than ever before!

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