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What to Pack When Moving Out for College in Salt Lake City

Moving out of your home to start college in Salt Lake City can be really exciting for you, but possibly nerve-wracking for your parents. The transition from high school to college comes with a lot of change and the biggest change is the preparation for your move into a dorm or apartment. Our local packing services give you the perfect guide on what to pack when moving to Salt Lake City for college.

Packing up your Room

It’s crucial to organize and go through your entire room before you start to pack for college. Throw away anything that is junk and put together a pile of clothes that you wish to donate. You should now decide on which clothes and other items you will be taking to college and which items you will leave in your home. You should try and leave behind seasonal clothing that you know you won’t need in Salt Lake City such as summer clothing during the fall semester.

College Room Essentials

If you decide to live in a dorm room, make sure you and your roommate coordinate which items you both will be bringing so you don’t have duplicate items. Dorms are notoriously small and you will not be able to store two ironing boards or two microwaves in the space. Find out which items the dorm room or apartment already provides such as a desk and lamp. This will allow you to make an effective shopping list at Walmart or Target. Dorm room beds are usually twin XL, so you should purchase the correct bedding mattress pad and sheet sizes.

You are about to enter the best years of your life, so get excited during the packing process for college! Our packing services are here to guide teens and parents during every step of the way. Call us today.

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