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Pack Like a Pro

To pack properly is crucial for a hassle-free move, along with professional movers like the Salt Lake City moving specialists of course. Start packing way before the big moving day. This will help you feel not overwhelmed and will give you time to do it right. You want to make sure you have good moving boxes of all sizes, including wardrobe boxes to help you with moving your clothing. Try to limit the weight of each box to about 50 pounds, making them easier to handle when it’s time to transport them out of your old home and into your new one. Don’t forget to wrap delicate items like figurines, china bowls, vases and those types of household items. Make sure you have enough of your personal belongings so that they are firmly packed in the boxes and don’t rattle. Labels are important as well and help a lot during the unpacking process of moving.

Start by packing the things you use less, like old books you’ve already read, dishes you only use on special occasion, decorative pieces around the house, CDs and out-of-season items. The garage is a great place to start your packing.

When you’re ready to move, call the professional moving company All My Sons of Salt Lake City to help you make the transition into your new home. We’re backed by generations and generations of expert movers as well as a huge network of All My Sons and Storage moving companies across the U.S. from Nashville to Maryland and beyond.

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