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Largest Public Library Now Open in Glendale

Sometimes there is no better place to take your children than the library. It will broaden their horizons and open up their imaginations. If you recently moved to Salt Lake City, plan your next field trip for the Salt Lake City Public Library System’s newest location in the Glendale area. Your Salt Lake City packing and moving providers hear it is the largest library in the system!

The 20,000 square foot building has tons to offer kids. There are 40,000 books, CDs, newspapers and other reading materials. The new library even has a grand piano inside. The building is decorated with local artists’ work, and several were commissioned to bring the Glendale library to life. The communications manager for Public Library System said that this branch will be a community center as much as it is a library.

The Glendale branch was very much needed, as a large percentage of its residents are under 18 and there are not a whole lot of places for people to meet. The library will provide an educational resource, along with a public space for gatherings and meetings.

Located at 1375 South Concord, the library is in a great location for children. It is just a block away from Glendale Middle School, Mountain View Elementary School, and the Salt Lake School District’s Community Learning Center.

If you recently moved to the Salt Lake City or Glendale area, you will have to check out the new Glendale public library. As the largest branch of the Library System, there are now plenty of resources at your fingertips!

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