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Foreclosures Take Time

According to Housingwatch online, homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage and facing foreclosure are learning how to stay in their homes longer until they get evicted, buying time and staying put. Some homeowners are staying up to four years the Salt Lake City movers learnt. Around the country, the process of foreclosing on a home went from taking about 250 days to now being around 670 days. This longer process due to several homeowners tactics including challenging the bank they borrowed money from, asking for original paperwork from the lender, waiting until the last minute to file paperwork and more. The 2010 robo-signing scandal also didn’t help the situation. People are claiming they’re victims. And in certain states such as Florida, the process of foreclosing takes about 1,027 days. Other statistics show that almost 40% of homeowners have not made a payment in at least two years while in the process.

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