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Top Reasons to Use Climate Controlled Storage in SLC

Using storage during the moving process allows you to move more at your own pace. Instead of rushing to get everything packed up, moved, and unpacked, you can slowly transition items you don’t use often, or only use seasonally, to a storage facility, then transfer them to your house at a time that works better for you. If you’re moving to Salt Lake City or moving in the area, the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest climate controlled storage facilities to preserve your items. With climate controlled storage, you don’t have to worry about your items being threatened by high heat, low temperatures, warping, expansions, dust, pests, or other external factors that can ruin their value. Here’s why you should consider climate controlled storage in Salt Lake City:

Your possessions have a high monetary or sentimental value

Looking to store high value things like wine, computers, televisions, or other expensive items? What about items that mean the most to you, like photos and family heirlooms? Leaving them in too hot or too cold of conditions is the fastest way to ruin them. Climate controlled storage facilities can be set to accommodate and preserve your items. Remember, it costs less to store valuable items than it does to replace them.

You’re not sure how long your moving process will take

When you’re not sure how long your move will take, climate controlled storage facilities are great for hanging on to the things you might not need right away. In many situations, you don’t have much control over the timeliness of the process, due to external factors like jobs or leases. Don’t add another item to your list of things to stress about – when your items are in climate controlled storage it doesn’t matter how long the move takes – your items will be in the same condition you left them in.


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