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Now that you have completed your move to Salt Lake City and are officially living in your new home, the hard part is over! Now that it’s time to unpack, All My Sons Salt Lake City movers want to help you get settled into your new home with no stress. Moving to Salt Lake City can seem overwhelming, however we have the best tips for how you can unpack your belongings in an efficient manner for you to start enjoying your home.

Inventory List of all Boxes

During the packing process, you should’ve kept an inventory list of all your boxes and made note of the most important ones. Grab this list and now that you made the move into your new home, you should first unpack the necessary items that you will need to keep your house up and running. These boxes contain the essential items that you and your family will need during the first few nights. All boxes should be labeled to make your life a lot easier.

One Room at a Time

Once you have tackled the crucial boxes, it’s time to unpack items for your kitchen. Start to organize your appliances and your kitchen will be ready for full use. Our Salt Lake City movers suggest that you unpack one room at a time for the most efficient process. You can easily become overwhelmed with packing supplies spread across your house with no organization in place. Take it one room at a time and one box at a time. Your bathrooms and bedrooms should proceed your kitchen. Trust us – you’ll be relieved when these rooms are finished.


Moving to a new city for a job can seem overwhelming and stressful, however if you pay attention to the details and stay organized throughout the process, your move will be a breeze. Relocating to Salt Lake City for a job comes with a lot of perks, and if you are worried about your moving timeline, All My Sons provides awesome packing services to get you situated in your new home in a timely fashion. Moving your belongings at the same time as starting a new job requires a lot of planning and your Salt Lake City movers give you the best tips on what to pack for your job relocation.

Start Making Lists

If you are on a time crunch for your job relocation to Salt Lake City, the first thing you should do during the packing process is make a list of what you will be taking to your new home. This is the perfect way to stay organized and calm during this transition, and you may only have a limited number of items you can bring to your new city. We recommend you pack all your winter clothes because you will certainly need them during the cold seasons. Don’ forget to pack work attire and you can always spruce up your wardrobe when you arrive in Salt Lake City.

Decide on Furniture

When you are relocating to Salt Lake City, you have to make the decision on transferring your furniture to your new place or purchasing new items upon arrival. Moving your furniture may seem difficult, however our packing services at All My Sons will take care of all your needs so you don’t have to stress. Base your decision off your unique moving needs and the amount of time you have to make your move before you start your new job.


If you are getting ready for a big move, you will need to get your hands on the proper packing products for all your belongings. Fragile and frequently damaged items require special care and attention, and you should take extra time during the packing process to ensure safety and protection. You can prevent damage from occurring and at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we provide you with the best tips on how to pack your precious items that can be easily destroyed during a move.

Glassware and Mirrors

Any household item that includes glass can be considered fragile. If you do not properly pack your delicate glassware, you can expect damage as soon as you unpack these items during a move. We recommend that you individually wrap your glassware with plain packing paper or bubble wrap before placing it in a durable box. Mirrors should be packed in boxes of the same size and with cushioning placed on the bottom of the box. You should also wrap the mirror with bubble wrap for extra protection.


It is very common for furniture pieces to become ruined or broken during the moving journey and you should carefully pack these items for the most protection possible. Dismantle your furniture and individually wrap each piece with furniture moving blankets. Purchasing the appropriate packing products such as furniture moving pads will reduce the risk of scratches and dents on your furniture.


When it comes to your electronics, you should save the original boxes for the most protection and the proper fit. Remove all cords and secure them with packing tape and cover each electronic device with bubble wrap. The last thing you want is for your living room TV to be damaged when you move to your new home!



Congratulations, you have finally completed the moving process and are settled into your new home! Once you have unpacked all your boxes, you are probably wondering what to do and where to store your packing supplies. Should you throw away the materials or keep them for future use? You don’t want the packing supplies to get in your way when it’s time to set up and arrange each room. Your Salt Lake City Movers are here to give you the best tips on what to do with your packing products after moving into your new home.


If your packing boxes are in good shape and still sturdy after your move, you will want to neatly fold the boxes and store them in the garage or basement for future use. You can also use these boxes to store your items that you use only on occasion such as holiday decorations somewhere in your house. You will never know which family member or friend will be moving, and your durable boxes could come in handy for them. If you have torn up boxes, it’s probably best to set them aside to prepare them for recycling.

Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

We recommend that you also recycle any worn-out packing paper and damaged bubble wrap. You will not be able to re-use these packing products in the future if they are not in moving condition. However, in most cases, you can save these materials to cover furniture or your floors during any home repair. These packing supplies will come in handy for any home-improvement project and you should consider your future needs when deciding this.

Packing your belongings for a storage unit requires a lot of planning and prepping. However, your Salt Lake City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to provide you with the best tips on how to pack your items effectively for storage units in Salt Lake City. You want to properly utilize the storage unit space while still providing enough space for you to easily access your belongings. You should purchase the appropriate packing products when planning for your storage unit transfer.

Store Items in Boxes

Boxes are the best way to store your items because you can easily stack them in the designated space. This will allow for the most efficient use of space if you have a smaller unit. You should fill the entire box to avoid it from collapsing or tipping over. We suggest you fill your boxes with heavy items first and then fill it to capacity with lighter items so it’s easier to carry. It’s so important to label all boxes and we suggest printing out uniform labels that are easily identifiable on all sides of the boxes. Purchase packaging tape, scissors, box cutters, and sharpie markers for the remaining packing products you will utilize.

Use Covers for Protection

Your storage unit can definitely become dusty and dirty over time, so it’s important to protect your belongings with the proper packing products for your furniture while in storage. One storage unit packing tip would be to place an old sheet on the ground before you store any boxes or furniture. Moisture and dust can accumulate in the base of the area and you don’t want to find your items damaged after some time. You can opt to use our climate controlled storage facilities to ensure your items are kept in perfect condition!





Moving out of your home to start college in Salt Lake City can be really exciting for you, but possibly nerve-wracking for your parents. The transition from high school to college comes with a lot of change and the biggest change is the preparation for your move into a dorm or apartment. Our local packing services give you the perfect guide on what to pack when moving to Salt Lake City for college.

Packing up your Room

It’s crucial to organize and go through your entire room before you start to pack for college. Throw away anything that is junk and put together a pile of clothes that you wish to donate. You should now decide on which clothes and other items you will be taking to college and which items you will leave in your home. You should try and leave behind seasonal clothing that you know you won’t need in Salt Lake City such as summer clothing during the fall semester.

College Room Essentials

If you decide to live in a dorm room, make sure you and your roommate coordinate which items you both will be bringing so you don’t have duplicate items. Dorms are notoriously small and you will not be able to store two ironing boards or two microwaves in the space. Find out which items the dorm room or apartment already provides such as a desk and lamp. This will allow you to make an effective shopping list at Walmart or Target. Dorm room beds are usually twin XL, so you should purchase the correct bedding mattress pad and sheet sizes.

You are about to enter the best years of your life, so get excited during the packing process for college! Our packing services are here to guide teens and parents during every step of the way. Call us today.

Taking the next step in your relationship and moving in with your significant other is an exciting time for the both of you. You should be ready and feel confident to make such a serious decision like this. Once you determine this is the right progression for your relationship, call your local Salt Lake City movers for help. With years of experience, we’ve got the best tips for packing up your old space to get ready and move into a home you share together.

Packing up your Current Home

Before you both decide on which home you will be moving into or if you will be looking at a new home, you should take inventory on your belongings and decide what you will be taking to the new space. This is the perfect time to get rid of old items and other junk that will only make for clutter and headaches when you combine your belongings with your partner’s. The foundation of any successful relationship is the ability to compromise and it’s important to consider the number of items your significant other has.

Create your Own Space

When moving in with your significant other, it’s normal to crave personal space at times. You can create your own area such as an office or even a desk space where you can get away and take some time for yourself. This is very important for healthy relationships and you never want to feel trapped in your own home. If you and your significant other are ready to move in together, our local Salt Lake City movers are here to ensure an efficient move for the both of you! Call us today!



Writing a helpful review of your moving experience will benefit not only the moving company but the consumer looking to hire for their next move. Trusting first-hand experience from a moving and packing service goes a long way, and consumers turn to reviews when making their final decision. Here are tips on how to write a helpful review of your moving and packing services from your Salt Lake City Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Include the Specifics

In your review, you want to include the approximate date, time, and location of your move. This will allow others to compare the similarities between your move and theirs and they can get a feel for how long the process took. They will also be able to identify the length of the packing services before the move occurred.

Customer Service

Write about how the staff assisted you during the move and if they were helpful or effective. Did they address your needs immediately, follow through on special requests, and handle your items with care? You want to address any negative concerns you had and how they were handled during the situation. If you had a bad customer service experience, go into detail to provide other consumers with the reasoning behind it.


Were your movers on time for each scheduled appointment such as the estimate and delivery day? Mention how they handled delays out of their control if this occurred during your moving experience.

Summarize your moving and packing services review by pulling the entire experience together. Overall, were you satisfied with the job performed and would you use this moving company again in the future? By writing an effective moving review, you are helping to contribute to a successful moving process for others and we hope these tips from your Salt Lake City movers will guide you.




After moving to Salt Lake City, you probably have more packing products than you know what to do with. You may know someone who is moving soon who could use them, but what if you don’t? If you don’t, not a problem. There are many creative ways to reuse packing products after moving to Salt Lake City. The professional movers at All My Sons are going to give you a few ideas on how to reuse packing products.

Cardboard Boxes

You should keep the smaller boxes on hand for gift wrapping. You won’t have to run out to the store at a later date if you already have the boxes at home. They also come in handy if you have a kid going to college, because you can send them care packages from home in these boxes!

If you have little kids, they will have a blast with the left-over boxes. The kids can design a fort, house or city and can be entertained for hours- maybe even days.

Think Halloween! There are so many costumes that can be made from boxes, and all you have to do is add a little bit of paint.

Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Keep the bubble wrap and make some fun games for your kids. All you have to do is color the bubbles a variety of colors and assign points to each color for an extra challenge. Race against the clock and see how many bubbles can be popped!

Our professional Salt Lake City movers suggest saving the packing paper for arts and crafts for the kids. Kids can never have enough paper, so cut out smaller squares for them and let them get creative.

All My Sons moving company Salt Lake City has tips to keep your grill from rusting this summer.

The best way to keep your grill from rusting is by spraying your burners with a thin layer of vegetable oil and turning the heat on low for about ten minutes. By repeatedly coating the grill with oil and cooking the oil, you are putting a safe and durable coating on the metal to shield it from rust and moisture. Repeated applications of this process build a strong barrier to rust. You can also do this when you are done cooking food on the grill. Turn the fire off, brush away the food debris and spray or wipe the grates with vegetable oil.

Another way to protect your grill from rust is by purchasing a cover. The cover will protect your grill from excessive moisture, but sometimes rain will still find a way into your grill. Usually, it collects in the drip tray under control panel. To keep your grill from silently rusting away, All My Sons moving company Salt Lake City recommends checking the drip tray every week, and especially after the rain, because the collected water is like a lake under your grill.

Now that we’ve taught you some tips on how to keep your grill from rusting, we’re going to tell you what NOT to do, to keep your grill from rusting. Don’t pour sauces on your meat while they are on the grill, don’t turn the flames on high to “burn off” food and never power wash the inside of your grill.