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Bubble wrap is one of the most easily recognizable packing products available on the market. Fun for all members of the family and people of all ages and sizes, bubble wrap ensures a fun time for the kids by popping some bubbles. Despite its popularity, a lot of people don’t actually know how to properly use bubble wrap. In order to reveal the true use of the popular packing product, Salt Lake City movers and packers have two things you should know about bubble wrap.

1. The different Types of Bubble Wrap

There are six prime different types of bubble wrap available. They include temperature controlled bubble wrap, FDA Grade bubble wrap, Anti-Static Bubble Wrap, Limited or Low Grade Bubble Wrap, General Bubble Wrap and High Grade Bubble Wrap. For the purposes of moving houses, high grade and general bubble wrap are two of the most common types of wrap available. Other types of bubble wrap are primarily used for a specific purpose, such as food packaging and more.

2. The different sizes of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap comes in all shapes and sizes, but for packing products and general use, there are a few prime size measurements for bubble wrap. Depending on the thickness there is a ?”, 3/16”, 5/16”, ½”, 1/16” sizes of bubble wrap diameter. Usually, the largest option you will find is with ½” thickness and is around ¼” in diameter. It is used for protection of medium-weight items. The most common size is 3/16” and Salt Lake City movers and packers use it for light to medium weight items.

When moving to a new city, you should be able to fully enjoy the positive rollercoaster of emotion that comes with owning a new home. However, the moving experience often gets quite negative and filled with frustration and stress due to the time-consuming hassle of packing everything you own. Luckily, you can avoid packing altogether by investing in packing services in Salt Lake City when you book moving services with All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our movers share some tips for hiring packing services:

1. Declutter Everything

The first thing you should do before the help arrives is to declutter everything. Start with the bathroom and build your way from there. Make sure to do this one or two weeks before the day of the move to avoid the last minute hassle. By decluttering room-by-room a week or two out, you have plenty of time to throw a garage sale and use the money towards hiring packing services.

2. Clean Everything Up

Once you’ve decluttered, you should also make sure that everything is clean and ready to be packed. Make sure to clean all of your larger appliances, including your stove and refrigerator. Also, be sure to turn them off the night before your mover and packers arrive.

3. Prepare an Essentials Box

You don’t want to leave everything in the moving truck. Make sure that you prepare an essentials box with all of the items you will need the first few days in your new home. Especially if you are moving with a family, you might want to consider preparing more than a few essential boxes.

Are you moving to Salt Lake City? If so, chances are you are also on the lookout for a new career. Being a city of technological wonder and progressive, Salt Lake City attracts tech giants and great startups. In fact, the city is filled with new and amazing opportunities in multiple industries. Here are just 10 of the most flexible jobs in Utah.


One of the leading online family history resources has its headquarters in Provo, Utah. Offering flexible positions in multiple fields related to technology, biology, and even history, this company is certainly one you should keep an eye on after moving to Salt Lake City.

2. Deer Valley Resort

A great ski resort that also offers amazing hospitality-related career opportunities.

3. inContact

Founded in 1997, inContact is based in Salt Lake City and is a leading cloud computing support provider.

4. CaptionCall

Founded in 1995, the company is a leader in captioned telephone solutions.

5. University of Utah and ARUP Laboratories

Both the University of Utah and the NGO ARUP Laboratories offer some amazing, flexible jobs in Utah.

6. Thanksgiving Point Institute

An NGO, here you’ll find some flexible positions.

7. BambooHR
If HR is your thing, here you will find some amazing, flexible opportunities.

8. Purch

A privately held company, Purch is a tech company for digital publishing jobs.

9. 1-800 CONTACTS

One of the largest retailers of contact lenses, the company also offers some flexible job positions in Utah.

10. KSL Broadcast Group

If media is your thing, you should try out some flexible positions at KSL Broadcast Group.

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life. You’ll not only have to consider the proper location, your budget, and your most basic needs, but you’ll also be surrounded with dozens upon dozens of different options that meet your requirements. While there is a lot to consider, our Salt Lake City movers can help give you guidance in choosing between a move-in ready home or a fixer upper. Here are the pros and cons of each of the two options.

1. Fixer Upper – Pros and Cons

A fixer upper is a great option for those with a smaller budget, primarily due to the fact that it comes at a cheaper initial cost. By investing money in fixing the place up, you’ll be essentially adding value to your purchase. Furthermore, you’ll be free to let your designed imagination run wild. Nevertheless, a fixer upper does require a lot of work and time put into it to be a proper place for you to live in. You may also find that there are a ton of hidden costs that you didn’t expect when purchasing, and that the renovation costs are actually more expensive than you initially expected. Salt Lake City movers say another con to buying a fixer upper is having to pay lump sums of money up-front to pay for home renovations. Renovating a bathroom can cost an upwards of $20,000 depending on the look you are going for. If you will not have that large sum of money to renovate, purchasing a home that needs work may not be the best option for you.

2. Move-In Ready – Pros and Cons

With a move-in ready home, you will be able to simply go in and start living in your new home. It’s easy and simple. A freshly-finished home, you will be able to enjoy the smell of a brand-new house every time you walk in the door. Move-in ready places often have newer technology and appliances, and are far more energy efficient. Nevertheless, they are far more expensive than fixer-uppers and you’ll have a lot of restriction when it comes to design.

Did you know that simply throwing your skis and boots into a closet or storage unit is not the proper way to store ski gear? Although it is the easier option, the West Valley City movers are experts when it comes to packing, storing and moving items. That is why we have developed the following tips to ensure you properly clean, pack and store your ski gear until next season!

The main items to store carefully are of course your skis or snowboards. Since skis and snowboards are used in a wet and cold environment, they are easily prone to rust and corrosion. To avoid this, it is important to ensure that your skis are completely dry before putting them away in storage. We highly recommend putting a coat of wax on the bottom if possible. Also, if your skis or snowboard need a bit of work done, have them sent to be repaired during the off season. This way, the next time snow hits the mountain, your skis are ready to go! After adding an extra layer of protective wax to the base of your skis, store your ski gear in a safe and dry location. Minimizing the humidity will help keep your expensive equipment intact.

Ski boots need their own version of TLC before going away for the season. Ski boots need to be completely cleaned and dried before storing them. This helps to keep your boots in pristine condition. There are several ways to dry your boots. Regardless of the manner you choose, make sure they are free of any moisture before storage.

Finally, to store ski gear safely, make sure your clothing and all other accessories are completely dry. Humidity can ruin perfectly good clothing and equipment. Fold or hang your ski clothing with a few dryer sheets to keep any rats or moths away.

The West Valley City movers are big fans of the rich history, fun activities and night life in West Valley City. There is so much to do for all residents depending on what they prefer. Seeing as how St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, many residents are wondering where the best Irish bars in West Valley City are. Well not to worry friends, the local West Valley City movers are on the case and have found two of the best Irish bars to visit this upcoming holiday!

  1. Murphy’s Bar and Grill is a traditional Irish pub in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. They offer Irish delicacies daily, from Fish and Chips to Garlic Burgers, and unbelievable Reuben sandwiches. Murphy’s Bar and Grill offers some of the best Irish food around! If you are more of a night owl, then this Irish bar has a menu just for you! They offer a special late night menu featuring some of their in-house smoked meats as well!
  2. Rock and Reilly’s Irish Pub is the second pub to make it on to our list of Irish bars by West Valley City. This intimate Irish pub is perfect for those individuals who want to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable night out on the town. Their menu features American inspired cuisine with specialty drinks and lots of whiskey! With a variety of food and drinks, it’ll be hard to not enjoy yourself in this American – Irish inspired pub. However, as a pro tip from the local West Valley City movers, this pub fills up fast so secure your spot by giving them a call ahead of time to reserve your table!

The spring season is one of the favorite times of the year for West Valley City movers. Spring is when the weather begins to warm up and the flowers start to blossom. There are several beautiful botanical gardens to visit in Utah, but what if you could have your very own garden this spring. Gardening can be an expensive hobby, but it is possible to garden on a budget. Your local West Valley City movers has provided a list of tips to help you garden on a budget this spring!

Tips to garden on a budget:

  1. The first step in getting your budget garden going is to know what your actual budget is. Not taking the time to set a budget may cause you to overspend. Even if most items are initially low in cost, spending a little here and a little there can really add up and before you know it, you can potentially go over your budget by hundreds of dollars. Dedicate yourself to spending a certain amount of money for your garden and stick to it. The price of your “garden on a budget” will heavily depend on the size of the garden you are hoping to have, as well as, what you can spend on your garden.
  2. Don’t bother purchasing seedlings. Save money and go for the seeds. Seeds growing in a garden bed will grow just as well as seedlings and are much cheaper.
  3. Use your own seeds! Gathering seeds from plants and produce or from a friend’s garden will do wonders for saving on your budget garden. To preserve seeds, the West Valley City movers suggest allowing the seeds to thoroughly dry until you need them. If you are saving seeds from a previous season, be sure to store them in a dry and warm area.
  4. Use clippings from a friend’s garden or a botanical garden to start the process of growing of your own flowers or veggies.
  5. Have a garden plan in place and follow it thoroughly! When you know the size of your garden and how many plants will fit in it without overcrowding, you will be able to purchase exactly what you need without over buying. You’ll also be able to better maintain your crops in the long run.

The West Valley City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage announce that members of the House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee approved of a bill that would start a pilot program, providing a student housing program for low-income students.

The bill that goes by HB312 is meant to match private funding to assist low-income and first-generation college students, allowing them to have housing at an affordable price close to their university.

The push for this bill came from recent statistics showing that only 5 percent of low-income high school graduates go on to complete their bachelor’s. HB312 is here to help break the cycle of low-income students falling into the social and economic abyss of not being able to afford housing or education.

West Valley City movers say that the bill helps move student to houses closer to the campus, while taking them out of lower-income areas. Being close to a university while you are in school after moving to West Valley City is crucial, so students can experience what it is like to almost live on campus.

Fortunately, passing and moving forward with HB312 is another positive step towards education goals.

All My Sons top West Valley City movers are available for students moving to West Valley City, close to the university, or any other moving commute to and from Salt Lake City.

The West Valley City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage encourage you to stay active in Salt Lake City this month! Mtn Ops & Under Armour present Keep Hammering 5K hosted by Cameron Hanes. This winter 5k will be at the White Memorial Chapel on February 18 from 7-10 a.m.

If you want to stay active in Salt Lake City, the West Valley City movers say this is the perfect event to participate in this month. It will be a timed event with medals and prizes for the top three finishers.

West Valley City movers share that every participant receives an event t-shirt from Under Armour and the opportunity to win products and gear from Mtn Ops, Under Armour, and even more!

If you wish to stay active in Salt Lake City before the Keep Hammering 5K, Cameron Hanes and other fitness fiends are hosting an exclusive workout the day before the race, on February 17. There are ten spots available during the 7-8 a.m. and ten more spots during the 8-9 a.m. time slot. All participants receive the new Keep Hammering pre-workout, a Keep Hammering shaker bottle, and a Mtn Ops hat signed by your fitness coaches.

The West Valley City movers at All My Sons hope you have a wonderful workout and will see you out there!

Although Valentine’s Day is widely known for celebrating with a significant other, the West Valley City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage announce that there are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day with the family! Fortunately, we know of a few free events in which the entire family can attend.

Take a Sleigh Ride – Old-fashioned winter sleigh rides are fun for families with children of all ages. The West Valley City movers report that All Seasons Adventures offer sleigh rides and dogsled adventures near Park City. Rides start at $30 per person.

See Swan Lake at Ballet West – Spend Valentine’s Day with the family by attending the ballet of a sad prince, evil sorcerer, and woman turned swan with wonderful music by Tchaikovsky. This ballet is being shown at the Capitol Theater.

Shop at the Winter Market at Rio Grande – Every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., the Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market allows local growers to sell the best grass-fed meats, diary, honey, eggs, baked goods, and seasonal offerings as a nice Valentine’s Day with the family. During the months of November through April, this market goes by The Winter Market.

The West Valley City movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage hope you spread the love and have a perfect day with your entire family.