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Have your moving expenses left you on a budget? If you want to explore Salt Lake City without spending a ton of money, Salt Lake City movers at All My Sons offer five free free attractions in Salt Lake City to get acquainted with your new city.

International Peace Gardens

Located along the banks of the Jordan River, this free garden displays vibrant flowers and foliage decorated to represent 28 different countries. Visitors can enjoy gardens centered around traditions of Africa, America, China, Denmark, France, India, and many more.

Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm is a free working farm, especially fun for families with younger children. Kids can check out the cows, horses, chickens, and sheep.

Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium is a free, hands-on way to spend a day in Salt Lake City. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of exhibits, check their weight on other planets, and explore demos of Newton’s Daydream. For a fee, you can also enjoy Imax Movies such as A Beautiful Planet, Extreme Weather, and Gateway to the Stars.

Temple Quarry Trail

At the front of Little Cottonwood Canyon, you will find Temple Quarry Trail, a short and easy hike that offers beautiful scenery. Salt Lake City movers recommend this trail to be a great way to spend a day enjoying the nature of Utah with your family.

Ensign Peak

Ensign Peak is an easy uphill hiking trail that offers perfect views of the city. At the top, you will enjoy views of the Utah State Capitol Building and the Salt Lake Valley.

If you have just moved to Salt Lake City, you may be concerned with how to keep your kids entertained during holiday break. Fear not! All My Sons Moving & Storage is here to help you come up with some things for kids to do to keep them off the couch! It is important for young ones to stay active instead of with their face in a video game after moving to Salt Lake City and enjoying their first holiday break.

1.Play outside with family visiting. If you are going to have family in town this weekend, make sure to embrace bonding! Playing games outside and making some memories with the people you do not see regularly is a great way for them to bond after not seeing them for a while.

2. Head to Hogle Zoo! This is a must do after moving to Salt Lake City. After Thanksgiving, the zoo lights up nightly with holiday cheer to help you embrace the season. Your kids will love to see all of the animals during the day, and then get into the holiday spirit in the evening, so make sure to go right before sundown to be able to see the zoo transition to night with decorative lights.

3. Head to a Jazz game! Nothing will keep your children more excited then a fun night at a NBA game! The Jazz play the L.A. Clippers the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is a great way to embrace moving to Salt Lake City, have fun with your kids during holiday break, and build a love for the local sports teams.

Keep your kids entertained with these fun things for kids to do during holiday break after moving to Salt Lake City. If you have not moved yet, call All My Sons Salt Lake City to lend you a helping hand!

If you are having a large family gathering, consider adding name cards to your table in a fun and unique way. If you are having extended family and opening your doors to friends you may have some people that are not as familiar with others as some may be. Save everyone the minute of that awkward “Where do I sit?” phase and take in this idea from your Salt Lake City movers.

Pinecones. Place a name card through the bridges of a pinecone. This is a fun, festive, and fast way to create the perfect Thanksgiving addition to your table.

Maple leaves. Collect some big, full sized maple leaves. Spray paint them gold. With another colored metallic marker, write your guests’ names. Lay the leaf on a napkin on each guest’s plate to create a classy and elegant name card.

Flowers. Instead of a name card, take one of Salt Lake City movers’ favorite ideas and use a flower. You can use a piece of twine to attach the paper with your guest’s name to the stem. This idea is festive and will add a beautiful element to your table. After your meal, collect all of the flowers and put them in a vase.

Feathers. Last but not least, head to the craft store and purchase some faux turkey feathers. Use the same technique as the flowers. A faux turkey feather will add just the right amount of festivity to your Thanksgiving table! Kids love to play with the feathers after dinner as well!

Moving with your significant other is an exciting experience. The fall is the perfect season to go on some dates that are a little more interesting than just dinner and a movie. Your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage have constructed a list of some of our favorite fall date ideas to do before the season is over.

Fall Hike. Hiking in the fall is a great way to enjoy some nature with your love. The changed leaves and beautiful scenery will make you fall in love all over again.

A Jazz Game. Head to a Jazz game for a fun and exciting date night. Tickets for most games are affordable. Have drinks at a local restaurant before entering the game to save money.

A Farmers Market. A farmer’s market is a great way to embrace being a local. Become familiar with locally grown and made creations to eat or add to your home. This is a great one of our fall date ideas, as there is bound to be a variety of fall items for purchase!

Picnic. Have a picnic and embrace the weather before the winter comes and it is too chilly outside.

A Corn Maze. Get lost in a corn maze after moving to Salt Lake City. This one of our fall date ideas will keep your love alive when searching and then running into each other!

Bake. Think of a fun fall recipe to bake together. Enjoy some pumpkin beers or apple cider while you make your creation.

Scary Movies. Cozy up for a scary movie marathon. After moving to Salt Lake City, a night indoors at home will do you both well. Enjoy each other’s company and have some candy to set the Halloween mood.

The Day of the Dead may be a Mexican holiday; however, it is celebrated in different places all over the world! Salt Lake City local movers want you to know that you have moved to a place that is gearing up to celebrate The Day of the Dead. This holiday is believed to mark the day when the gates of heaven are opened and the souls of the deceased can join their families on earth to celebrate and party!

October 29 marks the day that the Utah Cultural Celebration Center will host their Day of the Dead celebration. There will be traditional food, music, games, arts and crafts, and more. Mexican folk art will be on display for you to view and purchase. Traditional music and dance performances will take place, giving you a deep sense of culture.

Mexican alters are a staple when you are getting ready to celebrate The Day of the Dead. This event will have many alters on display, and you can even create your own to submit into the festival. Space for public alter submissions are limited to 12.

Another must-have to celebrate The Day of the Dead is sugar skulls. At this festival, you will see many different sugar skulls on display and in person. Get your face painted or come with it painted and ready to party! Get creative and colorful with your sugar skull.

Salt Lake City local movers are sure that this event will get you into the fall season. Whether you love Halloween, or you are just looking for a little seasonal inspiration, this Day of the Dead celebration is the perfect event to get familiar with.

Instead of sticking to the classic pumpkin carving this season, think about getting creative and switching up your designs. Your Salt Lake City residential movers have seen a lot of Halloween decorations, and the best ones have stuck out in our memory. Fun for the whole family, allow for this traditional Halloween activity to gain a fun twist!

Patterns. Instead of a spooky face, carve a design into your pumpkin. A pattern of fall leaves or symbols will create a great ambiance when it is lit up. A power drill can be used to create uniform sized holes for a neat look. Use different drill bits to create a fun, unique design.

Flags. Display some pride with pumpkin carving and carve a flag into your pumpkin. Whether it is the American flag or your state flag, your Salt Lake City residential movers say this is a great way to portray a sense of pride! If a flag is too intricate to carve, think about something that describes the place you are moving from. For example, if you are moving from Florida, try carving a palm tree!

Flowers. If you are going for a pretty look, think about adding some flowers to your pumpkin carving. You can either have flowers coming out of the top of the pumpkin or out of different holes around the actual pumpkin.

Your Teams. Carve the emblem of your favorite sporting team into your pumpkin. This is another great way Salt Lake City residential movers suggest incorporating your roots. Show your love for your favorite football, basketball, baseball, or hockey team.

After a move to Salt Lake City, you will be busy enjoying what your new location has to offer! Where ever you are moving from, you are likely to be leaving some friends and family behind. While moving away from family can be hard, your Salt Lake City movers are here to show you some easy ways to keep your relationships strong!

Social Media. While social media may seem cliché, it is a great way to keep your family and friends in the loop of what you are up to. Start checking into new places in Salt Lake City. Your loved ones will feel like they are staying current in your life even when things gets in the way if you cannot talk on the phone for a while to check up.

Facetime and Skype. Be sure to utilize facetime and skype after you move away from family and friends. Talking on the phone is great; however, when you can actually see each other you can create more memories and have a deeper bond over the phone! Check out your photo sharing app if you have an iPhone to utilize sending your family photo albums you have created. This is especially useful if you or your loved ones do not use social media that often.

Sending Things in the Mail. Your Salt Lake City movers agree that is important to send things through the mail to your loved ones. If you see something that reminds you of your friend or family member, pick it up to send it to them. The mail is an avenue of communication that many people no longer utilize. Sending letters, photos, or little gifts in the mail is something that will make two people feel connected when being far away. Moving away from family can be hard at times, so sending and receiving notes, letters, or little surprises in the mail can help stay in touch in a less conventional way in these days.

Do Things You Would Do if You Were Together. You can have a long distance book exchange or let each other borrow clothes for an event. It will take an extra day or two to get the items to each other, but there is no reason why you cannot do some of the things that you would if you lived in the same area!



Your local movers in Salt Lake City report that after 11 years of dedicating herself to the well-being and success of the city, the hardworking, highly respected Lisa Shaffer has now been selected to head the Public Services Department of Salt Lake City. Shaffer was appointed in early September by Mayor Jackie Biskupski, who believes Ms. Shaffer is effective, efficient, and possesses strong leadership qualities to help maintain Salt Lake City for residents and visitors. Local movers in Salt Lake City agree with the Mayor’s stance. Mayor Biskupski stated, “She has proven her strong leadership abilities as interim director, and she brings a wide range of project, personnel, and budget-management skills to the position”.

Lisa Shaffer began working 11 years ago as a city employee. In the last two years, Shaffer has been serving as administrative services director for the Public Services Department in Salt Lake City. In the last five months, Shaffer has been the department’s interim director, which prepares her for her new role. Shaffer enjoys serving the people of Salt Lake City, and will fill the shoes of Rick Graham, who proudly served for 35 years. The Public Services Department of Salt Lake City is essential to the development and success of the area. It serves the community members and visitors. The Public Services Department of Salt Lake City will focus its budget on youth programs, graffiti removal, open-space management, park maintenance, snow removal, gold course maintenance, street repairs, adding street signs, and signal maintenance. Local movers in Salt Lake City are looking forward to these positive changes. Shaffer and her team work hard to keep Salt Lake City running, stating the people of Salt Lake City “count on us to provide essential services and to responsibly use their tax dollars in making their lives better.”

If you are looking for great exercise, community involvement, and a way to make new friends this fall in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City movers recommend signing up for one of the city’s Halloween themed fall marathons.

Dawn, Day and Night of the Running Dead is a family friendly zombie-themed 5K, in which humans get a two-minute start before those dressed up as the undead chase after them. This takes place in Farmington on October 22 at the Andy Ballard Equestrian Park.

Put your speed, endurance, and strength to the test at the 5K Run Dead, hosted at the Salt Lake City Community College. Runners carry flags to represent their health, while zombies throughout the course try to steal them from you. Succeed to the finish line with your health flags or become one of the walking dead.

The Dirty Dash Mud Run, known as “the filthiest way to get fit”, takes place in Soldier Hollow Salt Lake City on September 17. This race features mud pits, slip ‘n slides, and foam baths.

For another half marathon, Salt Lake City movers suggest you sign up for Dracula’s Dash for Hope at Riverfront East Park on October 8. It also features a smaller course for children to join in on the fun.

To get into the Halloween spirit, sign up for the Haunted Hustle at Sugar House Park. Known as the scariest 5k you will ever run, this race features a zombie graveyard, foggy forest, and a “tunnel of terror”. For those who make it out of these fall marathons alive, your Salt Lake City movers announce that there is a costume party with a DJ and giveaways right after the Haunted Hustle. It takes place on October 22, and kids are welcome!

Each one of these fall marathons donates a portion of their proceeds to charity.

In 2002, the Winter Olympics were proudly hosted by the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. This multi-sport event hosted thousands of athletes from 78 different nations, and attracted viewers from all over the world. Almost 15 years later, the Olympic spirit lives on in Salt Lake City Olympic Parks. Whether you are just visiting or local movers in Salt Lake City have helped you move, there are plenty of Olympic-like attractions for you to enjoy.

The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation was created for Utah residents and visitors to continue to enjoy the adrenaline rush that came with the 2002 Winter Olympics. Local Salt Lake City Movers announce that the program puts an emphasis on winter sports and youth programs. The Foundation has opened Salt Lake City Olympic Parks and other official U.S. Olympic training sites such as the Utah Olympic Oval and the Utah Olympic Park. At these sites, visitors can take adventure courses to test agility and stamina, go extreme zip lining, experience G-forces with piloted bobsled rides, and conquer their fear of heights with a 65-foot drop tower. The site also contains rock climbing walls and chairlift rides that let you view where the ski sites athletes competed in the 2002 Olympics. If you are lucky, you can watch Olympians perform freestyle ski shows and watch some of the world’s most skilled climbers go head-to-head in competition. One of the Salt Lake City Olympic Parks, the Utah Olympic Park, serves food at the Silver Bean Café and the General Store if you work up an appetite during your day filled with adventure. The Utah Olympic Oval offers ice skating rentals, skate competitions, and restaurants as well.

This park is a perfect way to try something new and exciting with family and friends. Local movers in Salt Lake City also suggest bringing your office here for corporate team building exercises.